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Polo Hay LLC is a family owned 500-acre commercial hay farm.  We specialize in the production of Perennial Peanut Hay of all types and varieties.   We are one of the largest producers of the latest varieties released by the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS).  Much of our hay is sold to horse owners or to feed stores that cater to high-end horse owners particularly hunter-jumper, polo, dressage and recreational horse enterprises.   We also sell hay to select cattle, dairy and goat owners.

Our founders strive to produce the highest quality hay on the market. With a strong management team and dedicated employees, the farm has found success and seeks to continually improve operations and customer service.

About Perennial Peanut Hay:

A Lower Cost Alternative to Expensive Alfalfa

Perennial Peanut (Arachis glabrata; also known as rhizome peanut) is a warm-season legume that grows well in the lower southeastern United States. It is an alternative to more expensive Alfalfa hay that must be shipped into Florida from colder parts of the country. Average composition of Perennial Peanut Hay compares very closely with that of Alfalfa. Studies by the University of Florida have found Perennial Peanut Hay to be very similar to Alfalfa in key metrics such as digestible energy, dry matter, crude protein, and fiber (NDF) digestibilities.

Additional Information on Perennial Peanut Hay

University of Florida IFAS Extension, Perennial Peanut: Forage Nutritional Composition and Feeding Value, Bob Myer, Lori Warren, Juliet Eckert, Dennis Hancock, Ann Blount and Clay Olson, 2010

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